Failing Is Not A Sin.

There are days that you don’t feel competent, days that you feel inadequate and run down. The river of oblivion is freed and so it runs throughout your body and you feel like an outsider in your own skin. The black horse gallops freely on the plain of your mind, wreaking havoc wherever it treads […]

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The Importance of Travelling

Travelling is like a whirlpool of adventures and experiences that you go through to reach a place that you think is worth it. I mean I can imagine that there is no person in the world who would not want to travel regardless of all circumstances. We all want to take a break out of […]

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“Aleph” By Paulo Coelho

Each one of us has had a dream to travel into the wild unknown, to experience something that we’ve never felt before be it a feeling, a sentiment or an apprehension. Whenever I travel I always take a book or two with me because if I don’t read something in a day I feel incomplete. […]

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